Training for L'Etape - The Ultimate Guide

I’m training for L’Etape 2017. Stage 18 from Briancon to Col D’Izoard of The Tour De France. Learn how to plan for it yourself, with comprehensive guides, tests and workouts.


  • How to train for L’Etape

  • Improve cycling power

  • Workouts, nutrition & planning

A Guide to Planning & Training for L’Etape

My challenge for 2017 is to take on the famous L’Etape. Every year is different, but the routes are always in the mountains. I wanted to create a guide to help others train for similar events and to keep a record of what I did and what results I got.

Ironman UK FinisherWhy Listen to Me?

You don’t have to…But I’m a personal trainer and have completed quite a lot of triathlon events from sprints all the way up to Ironman. My cycling ability isn’t amazing, but it’s definitely better than average. And I’m guessing if you’re reading this you are probably similar to me.

I’m not looking to break records but I want to finish in a good time, push myself and deliver a good performance. I’m prepared to put some solid hours into training but not the same amount as a pro rider.

I feel this is going to be achievable for most semi serious riders out there. And if you’re considering entering the L’Etape then I consider you semi serious.

What to Expect from this Guide

I’ve started writing this in January 2017 and the event is in July 2017. I’ll include cycling workout plans, training ideas, gym workouts, test results, videos and whatever else I can think of along the way.

It’ll be kind of like a diary. But I’ll leave out the juicy bits and stick to cycling.

Let’s get stuck in…

I’ll use this page as kind of a hub, from which I’ll categorise and link out to all the individual guides I create. Some on planning, training, nutrition, etc. You can go through it in order or check out random ones, I’ll leave it up to you.


Preparation, Planning & Overview

Training Block 1 (weeks 1-5)

Training Block 2 (weeks 6-10)