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You’ve heard it before. Getting in shape is 80% diet, 20% training.

If only it were that easy! You probably already know what you should be eating, so why isn’t it working?

The missing pieces…

The 80/20 principle is the WHAT to do, but it doesn’t help you in HOW to actually do it.

Personal Trainer 12 week Body Transformation Results

My body transformation progress

That’s because there are other factors at play here:


Left to our own devices, we tend to take the easy route after our motivation levels drop.

We start out with good intentions of eating healthily and exercising regularly, but a few weeks in life takes over and we’re back to where we started.


Most of us start by thinking we will just eat more healthily and exercise more. However, a plan is fundamental to succeeding.

8 Week Body Transformation

Imagine what’s possible in 8weeks

Think about a work project. Would you plan out the project, agree deliverables and deadlines or decide everything day-by-day?

It’s the same for health and exercise. No plan usually means no results. But planning out what to eat and how to exercise is often confusing and time consuming.


Setting realistic goals for the short, medium and long term helps give us focus on what we need to do right now.

If you only have a long term goal, like lose 10kg in 4 months, it’s easy to put it off until nearer the deadline. Weekly targets are what helps us make faster progress.

Treat it like a business…

The above points probably sound familiar to any work project you have been involved in. And that’s because they are. Businesses have used these tried and tested techniques for years to achieve success.

If you treat your health and fitness like a business, it will be efficient, effective and productive.

The bottom line…