The Best R.O.I Personal Training for Working Professionals in Canary Wharf

The Best R.O.I Personal Training for Working Professionals in Canary Wharf


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You probably don’t have hours to spend at the gym.

That’s why I deliver efficient and effective 45 min training sessions to maximise your calorie burn.

My tried and tested workouts can be done quickly, giving you the best R.O.I for your time investment.

I specialise in working with office workers who want to get fit, healthy, strong and lose some weight.


What you eat is critically important to get results.

Personal Training Session London


Eat minimally processed, real food 90% of the time and you’ll get results.

No restrictive calorie counting or going hungry required.

I’ll help keep you accountable and we can work through what changes to make week-by-week.

See the “Nutritionsection below on how to make eating super simple. Some might say cheating? It’s what I eat every weekday.

Getting in shape is 80% diet, 20% training so it’s worth getting this part right.


Matt 7 Week Body Transformation

Lost 6.8kg

Dropped 7% body fat

Matt is a busy consultant who’d let things slip over the years.

He wasn’t eating well, drank alcohol a few times a week and didn’t exercise regularly.

We trained 4 times a week, mainly weight training, to build muscle and burn fat.

Female Body Transformation

Lost 4kg

Dropped a jean size

After having children, Mary wanted to get back in shape.

We didn’t train together, but kept in constant contact over Whatsapp.

With guidance on exercise and nutrition, Mary was able to make excellent progress.

8 Week Body Transformation

Lost 4.5kg

Dropped 3 inches off waist

Steve came to see me with low energy and unsure of how to make progress.

We followed my body transformation program to the letter.

He made some small changes to his eating habits to produce great results.


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  • 100% PT guidance

  • Exclusive studio use

  • Stay accountable



  • Train with a friend

  • Lower cost

  • Improved motivation



  • Proven system

  • All inclusive

  • Intensive course



  • Compare all options

  • See what’s included

  • Pick the most suitable




I personally use Fresh Fitness Food Mon to Fri.

Fresh Fitness Food meal prep


Unsure what to cook, don’t have time and fed up with the same boring recipes?

So was I, so I tried out Fresh Fitness Food. I was so impressed that I now use it every weekday.

Delivered fresh to your door, the meals are made to your exact specifications of protein, fats and carbs.

You know exactly what you’re eating, so no more calorie counting.

Find out how it works and then use my exclusive fresh fitness discount code if you fancy trying it out.

This is the gold standard of meal prep made easy, at a reasonable price.

4 Week HIIT Challenge

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4 Week HIIT Challenge

Home based, no equipment needed
60 mins training per week
100% free

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Personal Trainer 12 week Body Transformation Results

Before becoming a personal trainer, I worked as an IT professional (Oracle DBA) in London for 7 years. Long hours meant I struggled to find the time or motivation to workout.

I needed time efficient workouts and quick, easy to cook meals. I found out through trial and error what works and what doesn’t.

If this sounds like you, with my knowledge and advice I can help you find a solution.

I work as a freelance personal trainer in Canary Wharf, London and follow a train smart, eat smart strategy.

I work primarily with office workers who want to get fit, tone-up, lose fat and transform their bodies.



I want you to get the best results with the least amount of time and effort required.

That’s how I train because I want to achieve an athletic, toned, muscular look.

Using a combination of weight training, HIIT and boxing we can achieve the same for you.

The key to seeing change is consistency. If you haven’t trained properly for years, it’s going to take more than a few weeks to see big changes.

These changes don’t happen overnight, so there is no worries about getting muscular quickly. Some people spend years trying to achieve that, so you won’t balloon in a few weeks, I promise.

It’s a slow and gradual process and your training can be adapted at any time based on the results you are getting.

If you want to see rapid change, 4 sessions a week are needed. They don’t all have to be with me. You can do 2 sessions with me and 2 by yourself.

I usually recommend 2 x a week weight training, 1 x a week cardio such as running, 1 x a week HIIT.

And of course, it’s not just about training but also food, alcohol, stress and sleep.


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