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5 Ways to Overcome Gymtimidation & Hit Your Goals

Wearing very few clothes in the gym in front of everybody can be intimidating.

Actually, this fear can be so great that it can make us forget why we went there in the first place. Exercise is the keyword and there are no excuses for not doing it.

Every person can and should make time for training at least four times a week if they want to improve their health, fitness and build muscle. Not only is it good for your health, but it contributes to overall body strength, especially if we take up weight training.

Gymtimidation is usually just in our heads and it can be overcome easily if we are able to change our mindset. For starters, you might want to take into consideration these 5 simple ways in which you can defeat your fear and achieve those long-desired fitness goals.


For best results, all exercise needs to be regular. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail as they say…

Many people make the mistake of jumping into body sculpting without a plan. This leads to a burnout and quitting early on. Planning is the way to go, as small steps can take you far in fitness.

Man Lifting Weights

This plan can be set on paper and put in a prominent place to always remind you which exercise goes next. Creating it is rather simple since it is detailed but systematic. This way you will know in advance how to prepare your body for the desired intensity of the workout planned for a particular day.

Knowledge is Power

People shy away from the things they do not understand. Don’t be afraid of exercise just because you don’t know how to approach it.

If you make a mistake in the gym, people around you are more likely to help you than to laugh at you. In order to avoid such mishaps in the first place, you can consult an expert.

This can be a senior bodybuilder, a personal trainer, or even the gym owner. They can teach you about the basics of working out so you won’t feel embarrassed at first.

The internet is an alternative, as nowadays you can google pretty much anything and get an accurate enough answer. Don’t turn down help once offered and take a proactive stance towards exercise.

Who knows, maybe someday you can return the favor by showing the ropes to another novice trainee.


Most people are wary of conventional gym exercising because they lack the results. They put in a certain amount of effort but to no avail.

This is because they fail to understand that the actual workout is just one part of the picture. The other is food. You just have to adjust your diet to the physical stress your body is going through in order to advance.

Drinking Supplements

This implies the intake of enough carbohydrates to boost your energy levels and enough fluids to keep you hydrated all the time.

Always carry at least a half a liter bottle with you during the training session and drink from it. Another key ingredient is protein in all forms and sources.

If you plan to grow your muscles, you should use a Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) which is the building block of muscles. If you don’t eat enough food rich in protein, like meat, mushrooms, eggs, etc, then your muscle mass will not be able to repair and build in size after your training sessions.

Finally, your body should have plenty of fibers and vitamins which can be found in fresh fruit and vegetables.

A friend by your side

We all have that one friend who sticks by us through thick and thin. Exercising is no different, as additional support is always a good thing.

He or she will provide that healthy competition factor to keep us going, too. If they lift 130 lbs., you would want to lift 140 lbs.; if they do 15 push-ups, you would want to do 20 push-ups, and so on.

Boxing Training

If you are better than them, then the feeling of being powerful will drive you forward each training session. Competitiveness set aside, it would be nice to have some company going to and from the gym or someone to chat to in the locker room, wouldn’t it?

The key thing here is to make friends at the gym and find a gym buddy.


Having a training buddy there to maintain your motivation levels is very helpful. According to the World Health Organization, depression is a widespread mental disease today, so many people struggle to keep themselves motivated.

Female Box Jump

Gymtimidation is a common manifestation of this illness, so be sure to tackle it from the very start. The key to staying motivated for months and years to come is having a clearly set goal you wish to achieve.

This way, the time spent in the gym will present just the means of achieving it. This goal can be quite simple, such as lifting a desired weight or decreasing your body fat percentage levels to a certain number.

Mark Twain once famously proclaimed that “the secret of getting ahead is getting started.” This wonderfully applies to training and exercise since gymtimidation is best combated by going through the gym door and picking up weights and barbells. Then all you have to do is to adhere to these five tips and you’ll be exercising regularly in no time.