Best Fat Burners

Most people would like to lose a bit of fat. Unfortunately most people aren't sure how, so let me help you out...


  • The best way to burn fat and fast
  • Improve your muscle definition
  • Feel good

The secret sauce for fat burning

In this post I’m going to highlight some key points then give you an action plan on how to achieve the best fat burning results.

There is no quick fix…

Let me start off by managing your expectations. There is no quick fix. Fad diets, fasting, juicing or whatever it is out there is not a sustainable diet. Sure, having a juicing detox or trying out a more extreme diet for a week may shift a few pounds but if you go back to what you were doing before you’ll get the same results you’ve been getting.

That was the bad news. Now here’s the good news!

  • Small changes can make a big difference
  • You don’t have to go hungry to lose body fat
  • It’s not necessary to spend 2 hours a day in the gym
  • You don’t even need to enter a gym…

Small Changes

If you make small changes, consistently, you’ll make big progress over the medium to long term and it will not feel like a big change all at once. This really helps you because big changes are difficult to deal with.

For example, just substituting any sugar you add to your tea/coffee with coconut oil or sweetener can make a big difference. As I pointed out in a previous post about coffee, you could lose 1lb of fat every 2 weeks from making just that one change, which brings me nicely onto my next point.

Sugar Addiction

I could write a whole post about this, and probably will soon, but the basic point is that most people (I believe) are addicted to sugar. It’s a big problem. I was addicted to it but didn’t know it. I was in denial for years. When I finally realised I had a problem I was able to take ownership of it and deal with it. It wasn’t easy but it made a huge difference to my mood and health. Here are some tips to overcome your sugar addiction:

  • Never keep sweet treats in the house or anywhere that are easily accessible. Would you put drugs in front of a drug addict and expect them not to take them? Exactly. Same goes for sugar.
  • At first you will need to replace the refined, artificial sugar with something. Try snacks like Nakd bars, fresh fruit, red or green tea and brushing your teeth after meals
  • Identify when your weakness time is. Mine is always after a meal, especially at night. I used to crave sugar then. This is when you must have snacks at hand
  • Keep a food diary. It’s one of the simplest, underused and most powerful tools out there to identify problems with nutrition. I offer free help here. Sign up and get results, it’s free.
  • What type of eater are you? Perhaps you eat when you are stressed, to comfort yourself, when you’re feeling low or emotional or out of habit? Try to identify why you eat the way you do.
  • Know that you are going to get cravings and expect it from the beginning. You will need will-power and supportive friends when trying to kick the habit. I’d recommend not drinking alcohol either for the first 2 weeks because you’ll likely let your guard down and eat sugar.

Going Hungry

I totally understand why people think they have to go hungry to lose weight. It’s usually for a few reasons, but the biggest two are:

  1. Portion control in the past has been uncontrolled
  2. They are eating high calorie food so can’t eat too much of it

Portion control is where you’re over eating. It’s common for someone to fill up their plate and eat the lot, then leave feeling very stuffed. That’s not natural. Your body is telling you it doesn’t want any more yet you still eat. Start by having a small plate, eat a small sized portion and then have a large glass of water and wait 5 minutes. If you’re still hungry have a little more.

Try to slow down your eating. It can take a while for the body to recognise just how much food has been eaten and send the messages for you to stop. Eat slower and chew more. Chewing your food more helps with the digestive process so you’ll get more goodness from your grub, too.

Eating calorie dense food is common. Most processed, cheap and sugar laden food is high in calories which don’t fill you up. Foods like biscuits, cakes, sweets and crisps. It’s too easy to eat 600-700 calories without even thinking about it. Then you still feel hungry.

Gym Time

Spending 2 hours in the gym each day is not necessary unless you are training for a specific event or want to do body building. The recommended amount of exercise is 30 minutes a day 5 x a week. That’s to maintain cardiovascular (heart & lungs) and muscular (strength and endurance) fitness.

Just going out for a 30 minute fast walk where you get the heart rate up will work wonders if you do it regularly. That’s why a lot of dog owners are in reasonable shape, because they’re out there come rain or shine walking their day everyday.

You’ll see below about my workout recommendations, but to cover it quickly I’d suggest 2-3 sessions of cardio training and 2 sessions of resistance training a week. You can do these in or out of a gym.

OK, so now we’ve covered that let’s look at how to achieve this fat burning.

The Fat Burning Action Plan

Step #1 – Food Diary

I’ve said it before but it’s worth saying again. A food diary is an excellent way to see what you’re eating and drinking. Staying lean is 80% diet, 20% exercise. Go here and get the food diary sheet, fill it in for a week and send it back to me. I’ll help you for free.

Step #2 – Minimise Sugar

I say minimise because it’s almost impossible to remove sugar from your diet. The key here is to get the worst offenders, things like chocolate bars, biscuits, sweets, etc. Get rid of them all! If they are in the house you will eat them. I do it myself..Here are some snacks to have instead of sweets:

  • Nakd bars – These are sweet but it’s all natural. Usually just dates and nuts. Only have up to 1 a day though. Top Tip: Split it in half so you can spread it out over the course of the day.
  • Carrots & Hummus – A great protein and good fat snack that has no prep time. Just buy organic carrots and organic hummus. That’s it.
  • Tea – Have a red or green tea. That should help to keep your mind off the cravings until they pass. Don’t add sugar…
  • Water – Often dehydration can show itself as hunger. Get a large glass of water and drink it
  • Teeth – Brushing your teeth or just putting some toothpaste in your mouth can help with the cravings as after brushing your teeth you usually wouldn’t want to eat sweets?

Step #3 – Exercise

If you aren’t doing anything then get out and walk to start with. Walking for 20-30 mins isn’t that much to ask. If you’re committed to getting results and improving your life you should be able to find 30 minutes in your day when you can do this.

After walking, the next step up is to do some body weight exercises. I upload what I call “The BS Workout” (Before Shower #TheBSWorkout) videos to my Instagram page regularly and some on Facebook. They are quick, home workouts that you can do at home without any equipment. Everyone has a spare 5-10 mins so make time to include them in your day. They’re quick and easy to do.

The next level up is harder cardio training and weight training. If you have access to a gym, check out my workouts part 1 & part 2 and you can do those twice a week.

Rinse & Repeat

Consistency is key here. If you work well for 1 week then miss 3 you are going to be going back to where you started. If you stop exercising but keep up with the nutritional side of things that shouldn’t be too bad, but if both go it’ll be a hard slog to make progress again. It’s just a case of keeping with it.

Drop me a message if you have any questions or ask them on Facebook or Instagram.