Muscle Food Discount (Personal Trainer Review)

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Here’s what you need to know


  • Very low prices

  • Fast, reliable and safe delivery

  • Meat and products taste good


  • Pre-made meals aren’t the highest quality

  • Marinade on some items contains sugars

In This Guide I’ll Cover

  • Muscle Food video review

  • How it works

  • Whether it’s suitable for you

  • Price and whether it’s worth it

  • Alternatives to Muscle Food

  • FAQs

Watch my Muscle Food video review

Muscle Food Meal Deals

(Pre-made & Meat Packages)

Muscle Food serves two purposes. The first, they deliver uncooked, fresh meats at very affordable prices. Second, they also have a range of pre-made meals that you can microwave or re-heat in a pan.

If you have time to cook, I’d recommend using my meal plan as a guide for some inspirational ideas which are easy and healthy.

Most of us are too busy and don’t have time so end up grabbing food on-the-go.

This usually results in less than ideal food choices (Deliveroo?)

The Solution

I wanted to try Muscle Food because I was previously using Fresh Fitness Food, which is a pre-made meal delivery service in London.

Their meals are tasty, ingredients high quality and they can deliver every day (almost). But it’s expensive!

So, I decided to try a combination of pre-made meals from Muscle Food and to cook a bit using their meats. The idea being to keep it healthy, simple and save money on food.

How it Looks

Muscle Food at Home

If you’re looking for a quick, cheap and easy way to make food the pre-made packs are the way to go. At around £3 per meal, that’s incredibly good value.

Muscle Food Hamper Discount Code Offer

Here’s the current hamper deal

You get a huge hamper! Click on the image below to see all the Muscle Food you get

Muscle Food Hamper Offer

Get all of this Muscle Food at a discounted rate

How it Works

Simply place your order and wait for it to arrive. It will come in a sealed, chilled box.

You can then put some items in the fridge ready to eat and freeze the rest. See my video above of how it all looks.

This is the perfect affordable solution to healthy, yet easy to cook meals.

How Muscle Food is Delivered

Would it Work for You?

This might not be for everyone, but at less than £50 it’s worth trying out because it could be a game changer.

The ready meals taste good, but aren’t quite as high quality as what you might cook yourself at home. They definitely beat Deliveroo though!

You’ll get plenty of meat so you can freeze it and take it out when you need it. The same can be done with the ready meals.

My recommendation is to cook some basic dishes with the meat in batches so you have to cook less often. When you’re feeling lazy, just use the ready meals.

Here’s the verdict on whether it’s worth it

Points to Note

Q: What kind of meals do you get?

A: Muscle Food have ready meals and meats, so you can choose which suits you best. Personally, I like the ready meals and the raw meats but not the pre-cooked meats which sauces and flavours on them. Below is the kind of meat you will get:

Muscle Food Meal Examples

This is the kind of meat you will get in your package

Q: What meal plan options are available?

A: You can get hampers, which are a selection of all items they have and you choose what to have when. They also have plans, previously called the “Muscle Food Unthinkable” program, which are now based on your goal, such as weight loss or getting ripped. They ask you a set of questions about your activity, goals, current weight, age, etc and then recommend a plan for you.

Muscle Food Weight Loss Program Details

Choose which option you prefer

Q: How does the delivery work?

A: You will be notified of when the delivery will be so you can make sure someone is home, or the delivery driver can leave it in a safe place like with a neighbour. It will stay fresh for some hours, because it’s all packed up in a sealed bag with ice trays inside.

Q: How long does the food last?

A: You can freeze all of the meals and meat, just taking it out when you need it. But if you put it in the fridge you’ll need to eat most of it within a few days.

Alternative Ways to Boost Your Health

Your nutrition is fundamental to your health. It will impact how you sleep, your mood, how your body recovers from exercise and how much energy you have.

I recently spent 3 months taking and researching CBD Oils which are available in the UK and 100% certified legal and safe to use. I created an in-depth guide, which includes Medterra, Truth Naturals and Hempura discount codes, should you decide to try them for yourself.

Training Plans

I’ve also create a free, 3-day split workout training plan that you can follow. You need weights if you want to add muscle and access to gym kit, but there are also bonus HIIT body-weight workouts to follow, too.