Full Body Gym Workout

Tight for gym time? Here’s part 2 of 2 for a quick, full body, 40 minute workout if you only workout twice a week.


  • Part 2 full body workout

  • Minimise gym time, maximise results

  • Excellent fat burning workout

Full Body Weights Workout Part II


If you’re looking for a twice a week workout, you’re in the right place. Check out part 1 here. Do this workout with at least 1 day rest in between, preferably 2 days.

Monday and Thursday would be ideal. You will build strength and have a cardio workout at the same time.


Balance 30%
Strength 70%
Power 52%
Speed 43%
Overall 73%

Warm Up

Jump on the rower for 5 minutes. Start slow and easy and gradually increase the speed and resistance so your body has time to adjust and warm-up slowly. This will prepare your mind and body for exercise and allow you to stretch safely without injuring yourself.

#1 – Single leg dumbbell squat

  • SET 1: 10 repetitions each leg
  • SET 2: 8 repetitions each leg
  • SET 3: 6 repetitions each leg
  • SET 4: 6 repetitions each leg

The single leg dumbbell squat is such an effective way to develop functional leg strength. Maintaining balance is not easy so it works the core and stabilising muscles of the leg. You will only be able to use the one leg so it means you’re working each leg effectively and there is no place to hide!

Key Points

  • Knee behind toes at all times
  • Push off the heel, not the toes
  • Movement is up and down not forwards

#2 – Dumbbell Bench Press + Reverse Flies

SUPER SET: Bench Press followed by Reverse Flies

  • SET 1: 10 bench press + 10 reverse flies
  • SET 2: 8 bench press + 8 reverse flies
  • SET 3: 6 bench press + 6 reverse flies
  • SET 4: 6 bench press + 6 reverse flies

Working the large upper body muscles like the chest and back is critical. The bench press and reverse flies work both of these and they also work the arms as a bonus. Super setting again because, well, it’s an extremely effective way to workout when you’re limited on time.

Key Points

  • Bench Press: Keep wrists stable and always directly above elbows
  • Flies: Keep abs tight and back straight throughout
  • Flies: Only a light weight is needed

#3 – Straight Leg Deadlift + Lat Raise

SUPER SET: Straight Leg Deadlift + Lat Raises

  • SET 1: 10 Deadlift + 10 Lat Raises
  • SET 2: 8 Deadlift + 8 Lat Raises
  • SET 3: 6 Deadlift + 6 Lat Raises
  • SET 4: 6 Deadlift + 6 Lat Raises

This works the back of the legs (Hamstrings) and bum (glutes) nicely. It’s absolutely essential that you keep your back straight. Only go as far as you can with a straight back and a very small bend in the knee. You should feel it stretch out your hamstrings. Stop at the bottom and come back up while tightening your bum.

I added the lat raises in there because it means you get to do an active recovery to keep the heart rate higher and work another muscle. The lat raise are good for working your shoulders (deltoids). It’s all about technique here, so keep it controlled and really focus on using the shoulders without swinging the dumbbells around.

Key Points

  • Keep the back straight and abs tight all the time
  • Go as low as comfortable with a slight stretch on the hamstrings
  • Lift the arms up until they are parallel to the floor and no more

#4 – Tabata Cycle

Tabata workouts are amazing! Really hard but so time effective and a great way to stress your cardio system (heart and lungs). On the stationary cycle, do a quick 3 minute warm up to get your legs used to it. Move from a slow to a very fast pace and back down again. The main tabata session looks like this:

  • 20 seconds 100% effort
  • 10 seconds rest

Repeat that 8 times…Or maybe just start with 4 times and build up to 8. It should make you feel sick. Your leg speed or RPM on the bike should be at least 120 for every repetition. Use a resistance that you can only just maintain that leg speed with. If you are giving 100% on every set which you should be, you’ll have to lower the weight on each 20 second sprint.

Key Points

  • you MUST give 100% effort for each 20 seconds
  • Try to keep the pedals turning at 120 RPM or more
  • Keep some resistance on at all times but lower if necessary


This is another very effective time saving workout for you to try in the gym. Have a read of part 1, too, and try them both. They shouldn’t take you long and if you are struggling with any of the exercises drop me an email and I’ll help you out.