The Ultimate Nutrition Package

(Fresh Fitness Food)

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If you have time to cook, I’d recommend using my meal plan as a guide.

Most of us are too busy and don’t have time so end up grabbing food on-the-go.

This usually results in less than ideal food choices (Deliveroo?)

The Solution

Fresh meals delivered daily to your door which you DO NOT have to prepare.

Fresh Fitness Food is NOT the same as services like Hello Fresh which you have to prepare and cook.

You don’t have to do anything other than heat it up, although many can be eaten cold.

How it Looks

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How it Works

I personally use this service every week day. My food is delivered each evening between 11pm and 6am.

It’s left outside the door of my apartment. I wake up, put them in the fridge and eat them at meal times.

These pre made gym meals are the perfect fitness food delivery service in London, in my opinion.

Here’s an updated video of the new Fresh Fitness Food (FFF) meals.

Would it Work for You?

I’d recommend trying it for 20 days, Mon to Fri to start off with and seeing if you like it.

It might not be for you, but it’s been a game changer for me and my lifestyle.

I know exactly how many calories I’m eating each day, the meals are way better than I could cook and you can exclude up to 3 ingredients.

You can also specify what ratio of protein, fat and carbs you want or select one of their plans like weight loss.

Check out the information on their site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does fresh fitness food cost?

A: It varies depending on how many meals you have per day and how many days you purchase. For most people it will be between £23 and £30 per day. Here’s a table of all the costs.

Days Ordered 3 Meals a day
(Price per day)
4 Meals a day
(Price per day)
5 Meals a day
(Price per day)
6 Meals a day
(Price per day)
5 £28 £34 £39 £43
10 £27 £33 £38 £42
20 £26 £32 £37 £41
30-50 £25 £31 £36 £40
60-90 £24 £30 £35 £39
100 £23 £29 £34 £38

Note: You will get an extra 10% off using my code. The above prices are for upfront payments. Add £1 per day for paying weekly.

Q: What meal plan options are available?

A: Fresh Fitness Food cater for a lot of different plans, from weight loss (fat loss) to muscle building and lean gains. They have even created one designed for office workers and paleo eaters.

Fresh Fitness Food Meal Plan Options

Choose a plan that suits you best

Q: How does the delivery work?

A: It will depend on where you live. For flats, you can give them a code to get into your main building and they will leave it outside your front door. This is what I do. Other options are to leave with a concierge, deliver to security at your place of work or give them a key to your garage.

You can also give them a spare key fob so they can get into your building, but not your home. Another option is to have a small parcel delivery box installed outside your home. This can be used by Fresh Fitness Food but also other couriers, like Amazon.

Q: How long does the food last?

A: All meals say that you need to consume them within 2 days of receiving them. In my experience, if I left the cooler bag outside longer than usual and the food is white fish, I will only keep it for 1 day.