7 Secrets to Sustainable Body Transformations Diet

You can’t out train a bad diet…

Diet is a dirty word. It’s associated with restriction, low calorie, extreme eating for short periods of time.

A diet is what you eat, not what you don’t…To stay in shape, you have to get control of your diet.

The food you eat determines how your body functions, energy levels, your mindset and your feelings. A good diet is critical.

It can be a minefield, but a simple approach is possible and best.

The 6 Diet Hacks

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No Extremes

Chemistry Lab



I’m Healthy

Treat occasionally

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Back to Basics Dieting

“Because life is complicated enough without counting calories…”

Have you ever tried a difficult to follow diet without much success?

The truth is that a simple approach produces the best results because it’s easy to follow. But what is a simple approach? In short, it’s eating a whole food, minimally processed diet.

No microwave meals, Kellogg’s cereals, low-fat weight loss bars or cutting out entire food groups. Neither carbs nor fats are the devil. Stick to fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, lean meats, eggs, nuts, seeds, olive oil, herbs, salt and pepper and you can’t go far wrong.

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“Your body is 60% water and your brain is 75% water…”

Your body is made up largely of water. Go two days without water and you will be on the verge of dying. Thirst manifests itself as hunger, so if you want to lose weight the best thing to do is increase your water. Up to around 3 litres a day.

Water also keeps you fuller for longer. And helps you focus, improves your reaction times and helps you perform better physically and mentally.

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No Extreme Diets

“Extremes are hostile, lonely inhospitable places…”

If you’ve ever tried a fad diet you will know what extremes are like. Hard to maintain and don’t work in the long run. Same is true for any extreme level of exercise.

You may have some success but in the end it’s just not sustainable. The sweet spot is in the middle, standing precariously on the tightrope of success. Juggling work, life, family, friends, exercise and nutrition at the same time.

One small wrong move can throw you off. But when you get it right, it looks and feels amazing.

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Food Chemistry Lab

“If it sounds like it’s from a chemistry lab, don’t eat it…”

The food industry is an incredible business. They’ve mastered all things to make the cost of production lower, food cheaper to produce and products that have a longer shelf life.

Your body hasn’t changed in the past few thousand years, but our diets have. We’re now eating more highly processed, less nutritious food than ever before. Our obesity rates and health issue cases have gone through the roof.

The answer is simple. Eat a minimally processed, whole food diet. If it needs an ingredients list, it’s not a whole food. But how can we make our way through the minefield of healthy eating?

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 I'm Healthy

“No one purposefully eats unhealthily…”

If you asked two people if they eat well, they’d both probably say they try to eat healthily most of the time. The difference would probably be in their definition.

An athlete’s definition of healthy or not eating a lot is going to be different to an office worker’s definition. It’s all subjective. Getting an objective view on things is the aim of the game.

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 Treat Occasionally

“The problem with cake is, it tastes so good…”

When taking on a new diet or training programme, most people will be really motivated and believe that they can stick to it 100% of the time.

The trouble with that is, life happens…You go to weddings, birthday parties and the pub. Preventing yourself from having any treats is psychologically very tough, may lead to a binge later on and might not even be the best strategy for maximum weight loss.

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