No Extreme Diets

“Extremes are hostile, lonely and inhospitable places…”

Extremes usually don’t go down too well, in every aspect of life. Extremists are often on the outside, representing a view which is not helpful to the majority of people.

In short, they have gone too far to the point where they are not only unhelpful but are harming others and themselves.

The same is true for diet and exercise…

Body builders are a prime example. Pumped up with muscles and drugs. It’s not in any way healthy. Quite the opposite. It’s an addiction for them most likely.

Same is true for dieting ideas, like cutting out all carbs, only juicing, etc. These fad diets come and go. If you hang onto the hope that one of these diets will work for you, you are in for a rocky ride.

The middle ground

Finding a balance is what it’s about. The middle ground is where the sweet spot is. It’s balanced, appropriate and allows room for other things like your life.

Eating clean and healthy 90% of the time and allowing yourself a few treats is ideal. The body can handle some bad stuff, so don’t stress over it.

Extreme places are not usually happy places. Unhappy places are bad for mind and body. Let’s find that happy place where you can eat well, live well, be full of energy, exercise and do the things you like without worrying about food and your diet all the time.

The recipe for success…

To get this right you need two key ingredients:

  1. Knowledge to know what counts as healthy and unhealthy food
  2. Self-awareness to evaluate what you are doing, your habits and addictions




  • Think about any extreme eating habits you have?

  • Do you cut out entire food groups and eat the same things all the time?

  • Are you self aware enough to know what you are doing well and not so well?

  • Ask a friend or expert for their opinion of how you eat