I'm Healthy

“Eat to nourish your body…”

When asked “are you a tidy person?” nearly everyone answers the same. “Yes, I’m clean and tidy.”

So why is everyone not clean and tidy? Because everyone has a different definition of what it means. There is no standard of clean and tidy to be compared to so it’s all subjective.

The same is true when you ask someone “do you eat healthily?”

A different definition

A lot of people think they eat healthily. And in their own minds they are right. No one in their right mind would want to eat badly on purpose. But it’s also very complicated.

Everyone’s definition is different. An athlete’s version of “I eat healthily” is probably very different to an office worker’s version of “I eat healthily”. They’re both right, they just have different definitions.

So, what’s the answer?

We need get an objective view, not a subjective one. We have to look at everything that you eat and drink to see where we can make improvements. Tracking is important.

If you don’t know where you are starting from, it’s almost impossible to know what to change to make a difference.

Avoiding the minefield

There is also a lot of mis-information out there on what is healthy and what’s not. If someone has an agenda to get you to buy one of their products, just make sure you trust their opinion.

Most manufacturers are all about their bottom line not yours…Anything that’s brightly coloured, cheap and sounds too good to be true probably is.

The simple solution…

Eat a minimally processed, whole food diet and you can’t go far wrong. This essentially means just eating fresh food. Fruit, vegetables, meat, nuts and seeds. That’s it.

If it has a really long shelf-life, it’s not that fresh. The exception are things like canned tuna, salmon etc.



  • Keep a food diary. My Fitness Pal is excellent for that

  • Take photos of everything you eat and drink each day for 1 week, then review it

  • Get someone who is certified in nutrition to help you spot any issues with your food