Body Transformation Programme

Out of shape and questioning if you’ll ever get a 6-pack?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Maybe you’ve seen ads for body transformation programmes and questioned how achievable it is?

Perhaps you’ve tried with no success before?

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My 12 Week Body Transformation

In this post I reveal the 3 key ingredients to getting results from a body transformation programme and the secret sauce you need to apply.

Make sure you read to the end to find it. And no, it’s not real sauce unfortunately…

Prefer to watch video? Here’s the post in a video I made:

An Important Point…

I have to be honest with you. I’m NOT a believer in extreme body transformation programmes…

They don’t work for 90% of people, but you probably know that already. Steak for breakfast, no carbs and living like a monk are not sustainable in the long run.

And you want long term results, right? Not just misery and a possible 6-pack for 8 weeks followed by weight gain and disappointment afterwards?

I’m glad we got that straight, so let’s move on 🙂

What’s possible in 8 weeks?

The honest answer is, it depends

…Because there are so many variables.

Here are some that will make a difference:

  • Optimising your nutrition
  • Previous training experience level
  • The knowledge and skill of your trainer
  • Support of friends and family
  • Stress and sleep levels

There are lots more but there’s no need to mention them because 1 variable trumps all others…Which I reveal in a second.

But first, check out below what Matt was able to do in just 7 weeks using my 7 Secrets to Sustainable Body Transformations system.

Matts Epic 7 Secrets Transformation

This is what Matt achieved in just 7 weeks. This is only phase 1 of his transformation.

Click below to reveal how he trained and what he ate.

Body Transformation Pic

#1 variable to determine results…

Your level of commitment and attitude.

That’s great news because it’s 100% under your control. It doesn’t matter what level you are starting from.

If you consistently put in the hard work with a knowledgeable trainer, you will get results.

You always get back what you put in and that’s especially true with health and fitness.

The bottom line…

You can achieve excellent results in 8 weeks.

Small changes to your food choices and training regime will deliver short, medium and long term results. I promise.

Fighting Fit

Fighting Fit! Dan for his white collar bout.

The 3 key ingredients to success

  1. Consistency
  2. Nutrition
  3. Realistic Goals

Let’s take a look at each one in more detail.

#1 Consistency

Consistency is key. You might have the best workout programme in the world but if you don’t do it you won’t get results.

If you complete an 8 week programme then stop you will lose everything you gained very quickly.

Easy come, easy go…

Easy Come Easy Go

No one wants these feelings…

Before starting on this journey, you have to be honest with yourself and ask if you’re prepared to change your lifestyle in the long run.

If the answer is no, don’t waste your time or money with a programme.


If you’re motivated and not happy with where you are, an 8 week programme is a fantastic way to kick-start your journey and set you up for long term success.

Key questions to ask…

Do you like the style of programme and exercise? If you don’t like it, you are unlikely to stick with it.

Do you have time for it? You need to enjoy what you do and make time for it.

That’s a choice you need to make. Nothing comes for free.

And are you prepared to make small, lasting changes to the food and drink you have?

#2 Nutrition

The food and drink you consume will make or break any training programme. It’s that important.

You can’t out train a bad diet. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it has to be good 85-90% of the time.

Fresh Orange

Fresh Fruit is nutritious and delicious!

The good news…

Extreme dieting is not necessary. It might even be harmful. The best approach is a simple, clean diet that is sustainable.

Make small changes each week, one step at a time.

Choose fresh, unprocessed foods 90% of the time and you’ll be amazed what a difference it makes.

It’ll be easier to change and you’ll see lasting results by sticking to it.

It’s like boiling a frog…

You put a frog into boiling water and it jumps out. Put it into normal water, boil it slowly and it stays there.

Same goes for making changes to your food.

Make an extreme change and you probably won’t stick with it for long.

Make small changes over a longer period and it will be a lot easier.

The only downside is the change takes longer.

But I promise…

If you take this approach you will have better long term success and it will be easier.

#3 Realistic Goals

Everything has a cost. If you want a 6-pack, you’ll have to give up the lunch time pub meetings, the Domino’s pizza, cans of fizzy drinks and much more…

But it’s not all doom and gloom!

You can achieve a balance. Where you drink occasionally, eat at nice restaurants and don’t have to sacrifice all your favourite treats.

You might not look like a cover model but you’ll live a fuller, more fun life and be fit and healthy. Win-win.

Health is about balance…

Balancing food and training

Maintaining balance is not always easy

Both in body and mind. I know many people who have trained themselves to an impressively low level of body fat.

It’s not healthy, natural or sustainable. But an impressive achievement nonetheless.

It goes against everything your body is trying to achieve, so I don’t recommend it.

12-14% body fat is ideal.

You’ll see your abs and look in great shape, without anything extreme.

You’ll have a great lifestyle , look great all year round and feel fit and strong.

Here’s the thing…

Ask yourself what you expect to get out of a programme and what are you prepared to sacrifice to get it?

Want to go out drinking 3-4 times a week with your mates?

No worries, enjoy it. And I genuinely mean that. Always enjoy what you do.

Just understand that it doesn’t go hand in hand with low body fat and being in shape. The choice is yours.

To recap, the 3 key ingredients to success were:

  1. Consistency
  2. Nutrition
  3. Realistic Goals

Now let’s take a look at the…

Secret sauce for making it work…

I like lists, so let’s make one for clarity and ease:

  • Find a programme that you like written by someone who practices what they preach

  • Ensure your trainer is in the kind of shape you want to be in

  • Include changes to your food. You can’t out train a bad diet

  • Fitness is about more than training and food. Sleep and stress reduction are important. Find a trainer who looks at the whole picture and understands that you have a social life with friends and family

  • Make sure the sessions are held at a convenient location so it’s easy to train

  • Find someone who is prepared to offer you full support, as change is difficult alone

  • Measuring your progress is critical, so find a way to use stats, tools or apps to hold you accountable

The bottom line…

Although getting fit can be hard, getting in good shape is not rocket science.

Consistent training with small changes to your food works amazingly well. But you have to know what to change and how to train.

If you’re prepared to put the effort in, you’ll get the results. But effort alone isn’t enough.

You need an expert to help you.

Question for you…

Would you trust yourself to trade on the stock market or get an expert to do it?

Would you try to fix the plumbing in your house or call a plumber to do it?

The same goes for getting in shape.

You can try a DIY job, but if you’ve not achieved it so far why will the next time be any different?

What you need is an expert to coach you through the minefield of training, nutrition and lifestyle changes that need to happen to get you the results you want.

So, what next…?

If you’d like to learn more about how you can achieve your goals, get in contact for a no pressure chat.

Maybe we can work together, maybe not.

What I can assure you of is an honest approach .

The two types of people…

There will be some who read this and take action on it. And others who do nothing.

Which type are you? An action taker who gets results or a non action taker who stays the same?

The choice is yours…

If you’re interested in getting a bit more info, without any pressure at all, let’s have a chat. Simply find a time below that’s convenient for you, add your details and I’ll give you a call.

Speak soon 🙂

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