A really common question I get asked is

“What’s the best diet?”

The Best Diet to Lose Weight

I answer that question in this post and in the video below, so check that out – no sound required.

What’s the answer?!

Unfortunately there is no single answer for everyone. Every person is unique and the best diet for you will depend on many factors.

But there is one tried and tested way to improve your food choices no matter who you are or what your situation is.

The Secret to Success…

Is to eat mainly minimally processed foods.

It may sound simple but I can assure you it’s very hard.

Most of us are eating quite a lot of processed food each day. Nearly anything packaged from the supermarket has been processed.

What is Minimally Processed Food?

Anything which doesn’t need an ingredients list.

Fruit, vegetables, meat, nuts and seeds.

Most bread, cereal, pre-cooked meats, fruit juices and 90% of all other foods in the supermarket are processed foods.

If you look at most processed foods they are full of unknown ingredients and chemicals…and they contain a lot of calories without any many natural vitamins and minerals.

Fresh, whole foods on the other hand, have much fewer calories, go out of date quickly and don’t have an ingredients list.

Don’t get fooled…

An apple or banana doesn’t have an ingredients list right?

But apple juice does and it usually contains added sugar and preservatives.

That’s just one example of how food being processed can go from healthy to unhealthy very easily.

What can you do to improve?

A very quick and easy hack is to take a photo of your shopping basket.

Then look over it and see how many foods are processed vs whole.

Pick 2 processed to switch to whole food items and next time you go shopping make the switch.

Repeat that process as many times as you can until your shopping basket is pretty much all whole foods.

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