Are you wasting money on 1-to-1 PT sessions?

I’m a qualified personal trainer and understand that PT sessions can get expensive.

I’ll be honest with you…

If you want to burn body fat and get in shape, only doing 1-to-1 PT sessions are a waste of money!

I reveal why below and give you a proven solution for the fraction of the cost.

An important question for you…

Do you think a 1 hour training session once a week is going to change your body shape?

Truth be told, probably not…

The biggest contributor to your body shape is what you do the other 23 hours a day, not in a 1 hour training session.

The real cause…?

Unhealthy habits, inefficient planning, mismatched workouts, lack of sleep, stress, no routine, no accountability, etc are some the causes.

Not your slightly incorrect squat technique…

So, what’s the solution?

The simple answer is: online personal training.

It should more accurately be called an online personal coach, advisor and guide.

However…There is no one size fits all approach so a generic training and meal plan probably won’t work best for you.

Here are the DOs and DONTs of choosing the right online fitness coach and plan for you.


  • Get a tailored training plan

  • Make sure the trainer is hands-on and qualified

  • Check you have full access to the coach whenever needed

  • Ensure the plan fits around you and your lifestyle

  • Remember that results don’t happen overnight

  • Be prepared to work on your mindset


  • Use a generic training plan

  • Expect to see results from just hitting the gym

  • Try to do it alone, support is critical in forming healthy habits

  • Start any plan that is unrealistically hard

  • Expect the quick fix to work in the long term

  • Use extreme eating, like cutting all carbs

The 7 secrets I use for the best online personal training vs 1-to-1 training

Mindset 7 Secrets#1 – 24×7 availability to talk in confidence with me to help you work through sticking points and create immediately actionable steps to keep you on track.

Diet 7 Secrets#2 – Nutritional guidance from to help you choose foods and meals adapted to your lifestyle and taste preferences. No hard, restrictive meal plans to stick to just clean, simple, wholesome foods.

Environment 7 Secrets#3 – I help you pin-point the healthy habits to achieve your goals fastest and help you manipulate your environment to make change easier.

Exercise 7 Secrets#4 – I deliver bespoke training plans direct to your phone (using an app), which are tailored to you for you to complete at a convenient time, either home or gym based.

Personality 7 Secrets#5 – I’m here to hold you accountable each day and ensure your exercise and foods match with your personality type.

Genetics 7 Secrets#6 – The option to have detailed DNA reporting to understand if a high-carb or low carb diet is best for you and the type of training to follow to maximise your results.

Management 7 Secrets#7 – I help you find lifestyle management hacks which produce maximum results in minimum time and help you plan, prepare and track your exercise and food.

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Note: I don’t work with everyone and will offer free advice on what the best solution for you to achieve your goals is.

The 7 Secrets to Sustainable

Body Transformations

Sustainable Body Transformation Secrets

Over 80% of body transformations fail

That’s why I developed a complete system that focuses on more than just diet and exercise.

Don’t get me wrong…

Not all personal trainers offer just a 1 hour time slot. Many will help and support you outside of your session. If that’s the case that’s great.

If you previously used a personal trainer did you get the results you wanted and did they support you outside of the training sessions?

Does online training really work…?

Yes! I believe it works better than 1-to-1 training for most people.

The reason: Most people will get best results from changes which are not in the gym but outside of it. Having an expert coach you through these changes represents incredible value.

In all honesty, unless your goal is to look like a cover model, normal gym classes and some weights/resistance machine workouts is all you need to do exercise wise.

So how much does it cost…?

Online personal training costs a fraction of what you’d pay for 1-to-1 training sessions. But it’s not right for everyone

Drop me a message now to find out if it’s suitable for you and your situation. I promise there’s no hard sell. I’m here to help if I can.

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Add your details and we can have a quick chat over email.

Note: I don’t work with everyone and will offer free advice on what the best solution for you to achieve your goals is.