Mallorca Triathlon Training Camp

Ever wondered if going on a training camp to Mallorca was worth the money?

Join the camp!

In this post I reveal exactly what you can expect from a triathlon training camp in Majorca, the benefits, the downsides and some secret tips to make it extra special.

But first, let’s take a look at a map…

Map of Mallorca Triathlon Training

There are three key points to note about this map:

  1. The airport is around 55-70km from Alcudia and Port De Pollenca
  2. The most popular riding routes are in the Northern parts of the island
  3. The middle area is mainly flat

For cyclists, the most popular places to stay are Alcudia and Port De Pollenca. It’s beautiful, there are beaches and it’s close to the best riding spots on the island. It’s only only 45 mins in a taxi to the airport along a main artery of a motorway.

It’s ideal because on rest days you have the option to head to the beach and it’s close by for swimming and also you can do some flat running after a day out on the bike.

What To Expect From Mallorca

CYCLING – It has to be one of the best places in the World to cycle. The roads are silky smooth with no potholes on most of the main ones. That’ll be a welcome break for any UK cyclists!

The mountain roads are have incredible views and you can ride from the beach into the mountains in hardly any time at all.

The drivers are very aware of cyclists and leave plenty of room which, again, is great and something UK cyclists will really appreciate.

RUNNING – The scenery is great so running around up hills or just in the back lanes near to Port De Pollensa or Alcudia is a great place to train.

You can even head to the beach and do some interval training there which is always a break from the usual pavement pounding.

SWIMMING – In March time the Majorcan water can be quite cold, around 14 degrees. It warms up to around 18 degrees by May and hits a peak of around 25 degrees in the heat of the summer.

Majorca Sea Temperature

The water is beautifully clear in a lot of places and the sea very calm most of the time. Swimming here is great, but wetsuits are recommended outside of the summer periods.

The Best Swimming in Mallorca?

Secret Tip: There is a great place to swim where the water is clear and there are buoys laid out to swim around. It’s approximately 500m around all three buoys.

Here is the location:

Best Place to Swim in Mallorca

And here is how it looks from on the ground:

Swimming Spot in Majorca

An Incredible Hill Run you Can’t Miss!

Secret Tip: A great hill run is up to the monasterySantuari del Puig de Maria“. The views from the top are well worth the run/walk.

Here’s where it is:

Hill Running in Mallorca

Here is the view from the top:

Triathlon Training Camp Run Mallorca

The Negatives…

Well, there aren’t any major ones. The only one I can see is the travelling with your bike. It can be a bit of a pain to transport it, but you can hire bike boxes for around £40 a week.

Things to Watch Out For

I went in March of 2017 and was a little naive. I checked the weather and saw it was 20 degrees and sunny. Little did I know how cold the descents could get…

I’d highly recommend taking a fold-up jacket and/or arm warmers. Very good investment. For the evenings, I wore base layers and a training top.

Failing that, look out for some old newspaper so you can stuff it down your top when descending!

Like the Sound of a Training Camp in Mallorca?

Great, because I do too!

If you want to be involved in the next Mallorca training camp that we run get in contact. It’s ideal for L’Etape preparation or especially good for the Ironman 70.3 held in Mallorca.

I wrote a little bit more about my L’Etape preparation, which you might find useful. It’s a great place for getting some long, mountain rides in such as those you’ll face in L’Etape De Tour.

Famous rides such as Sa Colobra and Cap De Formentor are just a couple of highlights that we take in.

Contact me for more information or connect with me on Facebook.