Battling Binge Eating: How to Stop…For Good

When it comes to fitness, diet is as (if not more) important than exercise.

As the saying goes, “Abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym…

One without the other doesn’t give you the best return on your time and effort investment. That’s why you should focus on how and what you eat, not just exercise.

Binge eating is one such common problem which would be best tackled to help you get faster results.

How to Stop Binge Eating

Since most people have crazy diet restrictions in order to reach their fitness goals, they end up crashing and burning more often than not.

Emotional stress and binge eating are often the biggest cause for failure. With the right dietary plan, all of that – especially binge eating- can be avoided.

Binge Eating Triggers#1 Know Your Triggers

Binge eating is one problem but the causes of it can be different. This is because each person has a different set of traits, likes, dislikes, worries and so on.

It’s natural that not everyone responds to the same triggers. Stress eating can easily turn into binge eating for some people, while the same applies to emotional eating for others.

Be aware of your behaviour. Make sure you realize when you feel like drowning your troubles in food. Was it after an incident at work? A falling out with a close friend?

When you realize what your trigger is, it’s easier to avoid and control it. In fact, knowing your trigger is the first step in conquering the problem once and for all.

Ask yourself how you feel throughout the day and be honest. Writing the negative emotions down might make it easier to deal with them.

#2 Find a Friend

When you have support, everything is much easier. You need a person you can confide in and who won’t judge you regardless of what you tell them.

Friends and family work, but they can’t always be completely understanding as most people don’t actually realize how severe binge eating can be.

That’s why it’s a good idea to talk to your personal trainer. After all, they’ve been in the business for a while, and you probably won’t be the first person to have this problem that they’ve come across.

Boxing Training

They’ll be able to point you in the right direction and help you deal with it.

What’s more, they work closely with you and will be able to track your progress. You won’t be able to lie to them about getting better or worse, as they’ll see it by your performance.

Finally, confiding in your personal trainer allows you to keep the issue away from your personal life which might make it easier to deal with. Remember that personal trainers are people too and that they actually care about their clients, despite the professional relationship.

#3. No Skipping (Meals…)

Even though it might seem like a good idea to skip a few meals and keep your ideal weight secured by cutting calories, it’s not…

Always stick to the regime your personal trainer or nutritionist has come up with for you, as they know your body best. That’s easier said than done since most people work too much and don’t have enough time to prepare the meals they were supposed to.

Meal Preparation

In these cases, skipping that meal seems like a better option than choosing something unhealthy.

What people don’t realize is that skipping meals makes you even hungrier and can lead to binge eating. Simply put, you’ll reach for anything and in huge amounts just to satisfy the hunger you feel.

That’s both unhealthy and counterproductive as it sets back your progress and harms your body. The best solution for this problem is to order deliciously healthy meals which fit into your regime.

#4 Learn From Mistakes

Stopping with binge eating won’t be an easy or quick process. The cycle will repeat for some time until you finally conquer it once and for all.

Instead of letting this discourage you, learn from your mistakes. Each time you binge eat, it can teach you something about yourself. Next time, it’ll be easier to avoid the steps that made you fail. This way you’ll gradually get out of the loop.

Stick to the dietary plan your personal trainer has devised, and don’t skip workout sessions. Having a sound routine like this will help you deal with your triggers and stop binge eating.

One more idea is to keep a diary for yourself, where you can more easily track your progress and see exactly what you need to work on next in order to improve.


As you can see, binge eating along with other unhealthy tendencies don’t have to last forever. With proper nutrition, everything will come easy, including excelling at your workout routine.

You’ll be more energized, happier, and healthier – inside and out. You’ll be able to master anything put in front of you. All of that will be possible because you’ll have proper grounds for success. Therefore, success will be inevitable if you stick with it consistently.

I’m confident that you’ll realize that soon enough with these tips.