Full Body Gym Workout

If you only hit the gym 1-2 times a week, a full body workout is most effective. Using the large muscle groups will also work the smaller ones giving you strength gains all over


Work your whole body in one workout

Use large muscle groups

Burn fat fast

Full Body Weights Workout


Combing strength, speed and balance into this functional workout develops all the major muscle groups. This workout is perfect when your gym time is limited to 1-2 times a week. Watch the videos below and give it a go.

Balance 30%
Strength 70%
Power 52%
Speed 43%
Overall 73%

Warm Up

Make sure you’re warm before you start. It might seem pointless but it’s worth it. 5 minutes on the rower, cross trainer or treadmilll will do the trick. Get it done and do a few stretches to maximise your workout.

#1 – Single leg swiss ball squat

HOW MANY: 3 x 6 repetitions each side

The single leg swiss ball squat is such an effective way to develop functional leg strength. You have to work on your balance using your core and stabilising muscles in the legs while lifting your whole body. It’s a great way to load up your legs and build muscle without having to lift weights.

Key Points

  • Front leg knee must stay behind toes at all times
  • Push through the heel to stand up, foot flat on the floor
  • Keep abs tight and balance using your arms

#2 – Weighted dumbbell lunge

SUPER SET with #3 below : 2 x 10 repetitions each leg

The weighted dumbbell lunge exercise really helps develop power through the whole range of motion because you have to move quickly from the lunge position to standing again. It’s excellent for developing your glutes, too. Super set them with the jumping lunges below.

Key Points

  • Keep front knee behind the toes at all times
  • Step out first then lower down, DO NOT do both at the same time
  • Tighten abs and look forward

#3 – Jumping lunge

SUPER SET: 2 x 10 repetitions each side

I often super-set (do it straight after another exercise with no rest) the jumping lunge with another, weighted leg exercise. In this case it’s the weighted dumbbell lunge. When you’ve done your weighted dumbbell lunges (#2 above), drop the weights and do this jumping lunge immediately without resting at all. Your legs should be burning after this one!

Key Points

  • Keep front knee behind the toes at all times
  • Jump nice and high with each lunge
  • Try to land as softly as possible

#4 – Weighted single leg split squat

HOW MANY: 2 x 8 repetitions each side

Another single leg exercise…Because they are so effective! It’s like a lunge but this time it’s with the rear foot raised up onto the bench. This results in more emphasis being placed on the quad of the front leg and not the glutes.

Key Points

  • Front knee must remain behind toe
  • The movement is up and down so take a large step out
  • keep it controlled, abs tight and lower to the floor each time

#5 – Bent over barbell row

HOW MANY: 3 x 10 repetitions

A perfect move for training the back. The lower back will stabilise you, along with the abs and legs while the mid and upper back do the bulk of the work. It also hits the shoulders and traps, too. Good technique is critical here. Don’t go too heavy, just make sure you get it right. Watch the video and ask any questions you want.

Key Points

  • Maintain a straight back by tensing your abs throughout
  • Squeeze the shoulder blades together and elbows back
  • Slowly lower the weight without rounding the shoulders

#6 – Wide arm chin-ups

SUPER SET with dips below: 3 x 10 repetitions

Wide arm chin-ups are tough so you can do them with the weight assisted machine if you need to. The down movement is just as important as the pulling up part so keep it controlled and go all the way up and down, no half reps! Super set this with the dips below to save time.

Key Points

  • Keep looking forward or slightly up, abs tense
  • Pull wide with the elbows without them collapsing in
  • Chin should go above the bar and arms extend fully at the bottom

#7 – Dips

SUPER SET with chin-ups above: 3 x 10 repetitions

Dips work primarily the tricep but also the chest and shoulders if you go nice and deep. Try to keep the forearms stable and just bend from the elbow. Keep the body straight, head looking forward and abs tight.

Key Points

  • Abs tight, looking forward
  • Bend at the elbow until upper arms are at 90 degrees to the floor
  • Feel the stretch at the bottom of the movement then push up

#8 – Cable twists

HOW MANY: 3 x 12 repetitions each side

Most people think these are easy. If that’s how it feels you’re doing them wrong…The legs and hips MUST remain facing forwards while the upper body rotates. You should only be using your side muscles to work the obliques. The arms move like a pendulum, they should not be bending at all from the elbows as you twist.

Key Points

  • Maintain a strong and wide stance with little movement
  • Twist using only the side of the stomach muscles
  • The arms should remain locked in position just to hold the weight

#9 – Bent over rear delt raise

HOW MANY: 3 x 10 repetitions each side

Keep the weight low on this to isolate the shoulder. If you lift too heavy your body will just use other muscles to help you. Keep the arm straight throughout the movement without bending the elbow hardly at all. Tighten the abs and keep a straight back.

Key Points

  • Keep a straight back with tensed abs
  • Pull with only the shoulder, relax the neck
  • Use a very light weight, raise to shoulder height and lower slowly

#10 – Seated row

HOW MANY 3 x 8 repetitions

Making sure to keep this one controlled will help you fully work the back. The most effective part of the workout for the back is the final squeeze when you pull your elbows back and shoulder blades together. If you have the weight too heavy you can’t do this so lose out. Keep good form.

Key Points

  • Use a full range of motion
  • Squeeze your shoulder blades together tight and hold
  • Lead with the elbows and keep them close to your body

#11 – Toes to bar

HOW MANY: 3 x 8 repetitions

This is all about technique and you need to play around with it yourself to work out the best way. It also changes over time as you become better. You are trying to keep the upper body fixed in position and only use the abs to lift the legs high up to the bar. If you can’t make it to the bar that’s ok just go as far as you can, without swinging your legs…

Key Points

  • Keep the upper body fixed and in position
  • DO NOT swing your legs if you can help it
  • Curl your abs up from the bottom, focusing on tensing the lower abs only


Doing full body workouts are really effective if you’re tight for time. If you only workout once or twice a week stick to working your whole body. Using the larger muscles will be your most effective way to get the most out of your gym time. Bookmark this page and use it the next time you go to the gym.