Why Should you Add EMS Training to Your Routine?

Electro Muscular Stimulation training is a highly effective, time efficient way to work your muscles like they have not been worked before


  • Get the best R.O.I from your workout sessions

  • Work your body more effectively

  • Spend less time working out

What is EMS and Why Should you Care?

Electro Muscular Stimulation (EMS) Training is perhaps not something you would think about to help you get lean and workout. You probably associate it with those annoying Christiano Ronaldo ab workout ads. Which is totally understandable.

I, too, was sceptical when I first started to learn about it. “Why would I use a machine when I can lift weights“, I thought. “Surely this isn’t working my muscles properly?”

So I totally understand your healthy scepticism. And to be honest with you, it’s not for everyone. Allow me to explain.

A Changed Opinion

After my first three sessions using the machine I had changed my mind about its effectiveness. I had a good workout using the EMS machine, didn’t lift any weights but my muscles felt like I had for 3-4 days afterwards.

The feeling was as though I had had a heavy weight training session, but all over. It wasn’t isolated to just the muscles of the legs which I had been predominantly working.

Why is it Effective

The great thing about the ElectroMuscular Stimulation machine is:

  1. No Weights Required  learning to lift weights properly is quite a skill and takes a lot of time and effort to master. For those who don’t want to lift weights, or lift regularly, this offers a great way to get the same effect without having to learn the skills
  2. Lower Risk of Injury Not having to lift weights and getting the technique wrong will help you avoid unnecessary injury. It’s also ideal for those who have pre-existing injuries or weaknesses as you don’t have to use heavy weights.
  3. Time Efficient – The EMS machine will work your major muscles at the same time instead of having to train them individually, like with other exercises. This means you work your whole body in one workout in less time.

See it in Action

Here is a short video of the EMS machine in action down at the personal training studio in Cannon Workshops, Canary Wharf in London. Just a stones throw away from the beating heart of the financial district.

Why it’s not for Everyone

If you’re an experienced weight lifter and time isn’t a concern for you, this probably won’t help you. Having said that, it still could be because with the EMS machine it is possible to control the contraction intensity of each muscle group. So it helps to address any muscle imbalances.

Some people just don’t like this kind of workout, which is fair enough. Not everyone likes the same thing. This is why I offer a free trial session for every client. It gives you the opportunity to try it out for yourself without paying. I will never pressure you in to signing up for any other sessions.

Like what you see…?

Then drop me a message and we can arrange a chat to see if we can work together and whether EMS training is for you. Contact me here.