Matt’s 7 Week Transformation

This is the first phase of Matt’s transformation…Just 7 weeks in, this is what we have achieved so far.

Body Transformation Pic

Matt is transforming his body

and he feels epic!

Using “The 7 Secrets” so far he has…

  • Lost 6.8kg of fat

  • That’s 7% body fat

  • Added 1.4kg of muscle

Read on to find out how he did it…and the top 5 reasons most people fail.

How Matt Did it

We used the 7 secrets to maximise Matt’s progress.

Mindset 7 Secrets

We talked through everything he was feeling, good and bad to work through it all

Diet 7 Secrets

The food was clean, minimally processed, easy to make and we didn’t count calories

Environment 7 SecretsMatt developed healthy habits, slept more and I supported him through it all

Exercise 7 Secrets

Matt consistently trained 4 x a week with me, doing 1 hour gym sessions

Personality 7 Secrets

We used his previous gym experience to his advantage and tailored workouts to what he liked

Genetics 7 Secrets

Matt took a DNA test to understand his dietary and training requirements

Management 7 Secrets

We planned each session, tracked workouts, monitored food and tracked his stats each week

Matt’s Training

Weeks 1 – 4

  • Improve base fitness level

  • Develop weight training techniques

  • Variety of HIIT, Cardio & Weights

Weeks 5 – 7

  • Build muscle for fat burning

  • Purely weight training

  • Remove cardio

Example Workout

Matt Training Workout

Matt’s Nutrition

Weeks 1 – 4

  • Analyse current nutrition

  • Replace processed sugars with natural ones

  • Increase lean meat & vegetables

Weeks 5 – 7

  • Increase variety of vegetables

  • Carb cycling on training days

  • Manage treat options

Example Food

Matt Training Workout

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