Does Protein Powder Actually Work?

We’ve all heard about it and most have used it, but does it work and which is the best?

Let’s get stuck right in…

muscle manWhen you say “work“, what do you mean? Because here is the thing. Just drinking protein powder will not make you grow muscles. Company’s may imply it, but will never say it directly, because it doesn’t happen like that.

Protein is a basic building block of the human body. It’s in a lot of foods and we wouldn’t survive without it. Using a protein powder is just a very convenient and fast way to get a protein hit in. Perhaps immediately after or during your workout.


So, what’s the deal…?

I can assure you that protein powder works. It works the same way as any other protein. There is no magic trick. Actually, it might not work as effectively as a protein from, say, chicken because our bodies are used to dealing with that and that’s what we have relied on for thousands of years.

There is no magic transformation that’s going to happen by drinking a protein shake, I promise you.

So why bother with protein shakes?

Hard boiled eggWell, as I said before they are a convenient way to get a good dose of protein. They’re convenient and fast acting, meaning that they are readily absorbed by the body so can get to the muscles quickly which is a good thing to help recovery.

Liquids, especially carbs get into the intestine from the stomach very quickly. So if you combine carbs, liquid and the protein it makes for a quickly digestible meal.

OK, no we are clear about that let’s look at one that I would recommend.

Recommended Protein Powder

Plant Based Protein PowderI’m personally using a vegan one at the moment. It’s produced by a good friend of mine called Richard Enion over at He’s very passionate about health and well-being so I trust 100% any product that he puts his name to.

Vegan | Paleo | Gluten Free | Non GMO

It’s a purely plant based protein powder and the integrity of the ingredients are very high. Personally using it I can vouch for it’s great taste, excellent mix-ability and how well it does in many different drinks.

Mix ability and taste

I usually mix it with just water but have had it with avocado and spinach, too. Wizz it up in a Nutri Bullet and you’re done in no-time at all. Love the Nutri Bullet too, by the way.

If you’re interested, learn more over at Rich’s site and use code BESTPROTEIN at checkout for a 10% discount.