There are two options to choose from

1-to-1 PT sessions or a body transformation program

Full details of both are below. If you’re not sure what’s best for you, please get in contact

1-to-1 Sessions

If you’re busy, with limited time to train, 45 minute sessions are perfect. And yes, they are long enough to get results.


45 min Session

  • Tailored Sessions – I will help you progress and get results no matter what your current level of strength and fitness.

  • Effective & Specific – We can target fat burning, muscle building & cardio improving goals.

  • Private – We train in a private studio without other people around, so no competing for equipment or busy gyms.

  • No Pressure – I have no sales targets to hit and will never pressure you into more sessions than you want.

  • FREE Shake – I provide a super shake post workout which can be used instead of a meal.

  • Nutrition – During sessions we can discuss and create a plan to help improve your food choices.



FREE 30 min consultation before you commit. We can meet at my training unit, talk through your goals and decide if we want to work together.

FREE bottle of water with every session

FREE shower facilities – towel, shower gel and shampoo provided

I am just a 7 min walk away from central Canary Wharf

Pay for 5 sessions in cash or 10 sessions with bank transfer

8 Week Body Transformation Program

All-inclusive training & nutrition system

for those who want faster fat loss in a shorter time




Win prizes for hitting targets and £150 just for turning up!


7 Week Body Transformation

Lost 6.8kg

Dropped 7% body fat

Matt is a busy consultant who’d let things slip over the years.

He wasn’t eating well, drank alcohol a few times a week and didn’t exercise regularly.

We trained 4 times a week, mainly weight training, to build muscle and burn fat.

7 Week Body Transformation

Lost 4kg

Dropped a jean size

After having children, Mary wanted to get back into shape.

We didn’t train together, but we keep in constant contact over Whatsapp.

With guidance on exercise and nutrition, Mary was able to make excellent progress.

7 Week Body Transformation

Lost 4.5kg

Dropped 3 inches off waist

Steve came to see me with low energy and unsure of how to make progress.

We followed my body transformation program to the letter.

He made some small changes to his eating habits to produce great results.




  • 2 x 45 min PT sessions a week

  • 2 x 30 min fasted cardio underwater treadmill sessions a week

  • 1 x 15 min HIIT session a week (home workout)


  • 1-to-1 Sessions – 45 min PT sessions are effective and efficient. Scheduling in sessions each week holds you accountable.

  • Fasted Cardio – burns fat and improves fitness, but has to be done the right way. You’ll wear a heart rate monitor to measure you heart rate.

  • Underwater – You’ll use an underwater treadmill to burn more calories while reducing the risk of injury. You can walk, jog or run easily.

  • 15 min HIIT – Boost calorie burn, build muscle and improve fitness. Home workout, body weight, no equipment needed. Just follow my video.



  • Weekly progress photos

  • Weight and body part measurements

  • Body transformation guide


  • Snap it – A picture says a thousand words, which is why taking progress photos is so helpful. You will see your body shape changing.

  • Body Parts – Measurements help confirm we’re making progress because weight is not always the best measure. You could add muscle, but lose fat, for example. We measure arms, legs and waist.

  • Guided – I provide a week-by-week guide to help you make lasting changes to improve your exercise and eating habits.



  • 4 x super shakes (2 as breakfast on fasted cardio days. 2 as meal replacements after PT sessions)

  • Easy to follow recipes to make nutritious and delicious meals at home in minutes


  • Super Shake – Contains a filling mix of carbs, fats and protein to keep you fuller for longer until your next meal.

  • Home Cooking – Cooking basic foods is critical to getting and maintaining a good body, so I will show you exactly how to do it in less than 30 minutes with my easy to follow recipes.

  • Snack Attack – Snacking can be a problem, so I’ll recommend simple snacks to keep you satisfied between meals. We will work on progressive improvements each week.


£150 CASH!

Complete all of the sessions and get £150 back! No catch.


Drop 4% weight and get a free protein pack worth £40.


Drop 6% weight and get a free PT session worth £50.


This is just one way to schedule the training system.

Fasted cardio is always before breakfast. PT sessions can be done anytime.

Total training time per week is under 3 hours.

Body Transformation Training Plan

Showers are available with towels, shower gel and shampoo provided so you can easily train during the work day. I am just a 7 min walk from central Canary Wharf.

Body Transformation System Cost


Win all three prizes and the cost is only £1360 for the complete system

Why Choose Me?

  • I have a small number of clients so I can give you my full support, including outside of our sessions

  • My reputation depends on your success so I give 100% effort to help you achieve your goals

  • We use a private studio so you’ll feel comfortable talking and training without anyone watching

  • I have no sales targets to hit so I will never pressure you into more sessions than you want

  • I’m flexible so can accommodate your requirements whatever they are

Add your details to discuss 1-to-1 training or my body transformation system

We can talk via email, phone or WhatsApp. Your details will never be shared and I will never pressure you into working with me.