Here at my training unit in Cannon Workshops, Canary Wharf (E14 4AS), we have an Endless Pools underwater treadmill. This excellent piece of kit has so many uses, including:

  • Rehabilitation from injury
  • Low impact running for injury prevention
  • Increased calorie burn (350 per 30 mins vs 300 on the road)
  • Improving run technique and efficiency

If you’re a runner or athlete, the underwater treadmill can be used to hone your technique and reduce the number of high impact foot strikes on tarmac which can lead to injuries.

For those looking to lose weight, it burns more calories per hour than normal running and is also lower impact than running outdoors.

Many times physios prescribe underwater treadmill running to their patients as a first step back to full running after injury.


Here is the treadmill being used by a triathlete. He’s a strong runner and was running intervals where he would get his heart rate up to 150 beats per minute.

The underwater treadmill is a great tool for long distance or marathon runners, such as those competing in the London Marathon.


The Brownlee brothers use an endless pool to prevent injuries from over-use, come back from injuries and improve their running technique. The treadmill we have here is also made by Endless Pools.


Every session includes a bottle of water and large, clean towel.

We have changing and shower facilities, with complimentary shower gel and shampoo.

Note: I can only accept cash as payment

  • £30 for 30 mins
  • £40 for 45 mins
  • £50 for 60 mins

Sessions are by appointment only


  • Opening times are 7am to 9pm Monday to Friday. Please contact me for availability
  • The treadmill is NOT self-propelled, it is controllable and you adjust the speed like a regular treadmill
  • All sessions are self-guided, meaning you have control of the machine at all times
  • I will set you up and get you going
  • We have shower facilities and changing rooms on-site
  • A towel, shower gel, shampoo and bottle of water is included with every session

What to Wear

  • Trainers can be worn but MUST be 100% clean – this means putting them through a cold wash in the washing machine
  • You can also run bare foot if you prefer, which most people do
  • Lycra running shorts/swim trunks are required. This makes it easier to run straight. Baggy shorts create a wave like effect and drag you around

The Details

  • The water is cleaned regularly and warmed for use (22-28 degrees)
  • The max speed is 8.8 kph, which feels faster when running underwater
  • The depth of the water is approximately waist height for someone 5’11”
  • I have had people who are only 5’2″ us it without a problem


  • We are located in Cannon Workshops, London. E14 4AS
  • Free parking is available but you must let me know the details of your car so I can register it
  • We are very close to Westferry and West India Quay DLR stops
  • Canary Wharf DLR and Jubilee line is an 8 min walk away


Running underwater feels very different to on the road. For starters, you feel like you are floating a little. The impact is very low, almost zero, so it makes it very easy to run on the forefoot.

You can practice different styles of running very easily to see how it feels.

Muscles which you don’t normally notice when running get worked harder, such as on the front of the shin (tibialis anterior). That’s why I love underwater running, because the increased resistance and drag makes you work harder which leads to better muscular development and an improved efficiency of running stride.

By focusing on your technique it will become second nature and lead to improved running technique and efficiency out on the road. It also helps to address any issues with muscle imbalance brought on as a result of years of running outdoors.

For any questions

Add your details and we can chat on email or WhatsApp