Change Behaviours

Change your behaviour and the results take care of themselves”

Focusing too much energy on results may not have the desired effects. Although it’s good to have an end goal in mind, such as a SMART goal outlined previously, it’s important to concentrate on the day-to-day behaviours in order to achieve those goals.

Think about it like this. You have a clear goal. You want to lose 3kg of fat in 8 weeks. What are the actions needed to achieve this?

What will you do differently each day to work towards that goal? Eat more fresh veg? Reduce how many chocolate bars you eat?

Do you accept that your behaviours have resulted in where you are today?

If you could change one thing today which you think is easy to do and you’re 90% certain that you could do it consistently, what would it be?

Reward yourself for good behaviours

This will reinforce that you are doing the right things. Ensure rewards are not based on foods or alcohol, otherwise you will associate food or alcohol with feeling good and then in the future you will reach for those things to feel good when you are feeling down, thinking that the food will bring you back up.

Instead, a reward could be something like “When I do X for 3 weeks in a row, I will treat myself to a spa day/massage/a day out”.

Having someone help you with this, to make you accountable and stay on-track will help a lot.


  • Pick 1 thing to change this week that is easy to do any you’re 100% confident you can do it

  • Example, having a pint of water first thing in the morning every day

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