DNA Exercise Matching

“Hard work beats genetics every time…”

Just like you can find out about your genetic suitability for carbs and fats in your diet, you can learn what kind of training you are more suited to.

There are two main distinctions between types of training, that being power and endurance.

Power is strength and speed. For example, lifting a weight explosively.

Endurance is a repetitive movement over a long period of time at a lower intensity and without as much resistance.

HIIT vs Endurance

Some people respond better to HIIT while others respond better to endurance style training. Again, without testing you probably won’t know for sure but when you do know you can tailor your training to maximise your gains from every session.

No Fast Track Ticket…

Even if you are genetically gifted, you still have to put in the hard work. The idea behind DNA testing is to give you a head start when trying to find your way through the minefield of exercise and nutrition.

DNA testing is not a definitive answer, it is merely a tool to help you level up your workouts and nutrition choices. It will help you achieve better results in a shorter time.


  • A DNA test is the only way to find out, contact me for more details

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