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You become like the 5 people you spend most time with…

In the nature vs nurture argument, it’s fair to say that nurture is incredibly influential. You will do what those around you do.

Take advantage of this powerful hack by surrounding yourself with those you aspire to be like.

If all your friends get drunk every weekend? Chances are you will do the same.

There are 4 areas to look at in total, which have been broken down into two levels.

The 4 Environment Hacks

Environment Overview


Healthy Habits

Support Network



Sleep and Stress

Comfort Zone


Your Next Steps

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Healthy Habits

“Healthy people are simply those with healthy habits…”

What are your daily habits like for food, exercise, sleep, alcohol, caffeine, water?

The things you do daily will shape what your body looks like, how you feel and how you perform.

Motivation is what gets you started, habits are what keep you going. We want to build helpful, healthy habits into our daily routines and reduce/remove the unhelpful ones. This is best tackled one at a time.


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Support Network

“Surround yourself with people who lift you higher…”

The importance of your friends, family, work colleagues and anyone you mix with is crucial. They can make or break any healthy regime you are trying to start.

You can influence those around you to help you and each other. Creating a supportive, friendly, helpful environment will produce faster, longer lasting results.


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Sleep & Stress

“More sleep, less stress…”

Very important processes are at work when you are asleep. Sleeping enough and well is often easier said that done, so let’s take a look at how to improve the quality and quantity of your sleep.

Chronic stress (like that from work) affects every part of your body, from your sleep to your exercise and your food choices. Getting a handle over stress will have a knock on effect to everything you do.


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Comfort zone

“Progress begins at the edge of your comfort zone…”

When was the last time you did something that challenged you, that pushed you outside of your comfort zone?

If you want something you’ve never had you have to do something you’ve never done. Pushing yourself is necessary, but it doesn’t have to be extreme. A small amount at a time does the trick.

If what you are doing now isn’t working for you, the chances are you’ll have to change something to make it work.

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