Support Network

“Surround yourself with people who lift you higher…”

Your family and friends are very important. They provide support, friendship and help. The interesting thing about that important group of people is that you all influence each other.

It’s often said that we become like the 5 people we spend the most time with. And I believe this to be true.

Pub Vs Gym

Think about it like this. We don’t want to be left out or feel isolated, so if your friends are going to the gym, you will probably end up going too. If your friends are going to the pub, you will probably go to the pub too.

So, which is it that you and your friends do the most? Gym or Pub?

You don’t have to ditch your friends, but perhaps you could spend a little more time with people who are in the shape and have healthier habits. It’ll make change easier…

Which club?

If you join a running club then you are definitely going to be more active than if you joined a darts club…The choice is yours.

It might be uncomfortable at first to join, but I promise you that nearly all the clubs out there are very welcoming and there will be others just like you there doing the same thing.

Surround yourself with those people and you will become more like them.



  • If you were to join a sports club, what would it be? Cycling, running, rowing, walking?

  • Check out some local clubs in your area on Facebook and Google to see if you like the look of them

  • Ask a friend to join with you for moral support and so you can both get fitter and healthier

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