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Let’s take a more in-depth look and what could have caused you to get the results you did and how to change things.

The 7 Secrets Overview

7 Secrets Mindset

Your mindset is the most important area for determining success. In this test, the first 3 questions gave an insight into your mindset.

Q1: Expectations – If expectations are too high, we are likely to feel like we’ve failed when we inevitably slip-up. Almost no one can stick to a plan rigidly without a few slip-ups, it’s normal.

Around 60% of people accept that, while another 20% believe they will have a 6-pack within weeks and stick to the plan 100% of the time.

Managing our expectations will help us to stay on track if we don’t see results as quickly as we had expected.

Q2: Your Approach – A slow and steady approach is best. Make one change at a time and the results will come. If you intend to go back to “normal life” the old habits will produce the old results.

Over 70% of people appreciate that, which is very positive.

Remember, we want lasting and sustainable changes that produce lasting and sustainable results. No quick fixes.

Q3: Current Habits – Knowing you’re on the right track with a plan helps you stick to it, even through the hard times.

Approximately 60% of people are confused about the best way to go about eating and training, with 25% happy with the results they already have.

Finding and trusting the opinion of an expert who has the lifestyle and body shape you want to have will help know what works properly.

7 Secrets to Sustainable Body Transformations Diet

Extreme dieting is not healthy. A simple approach is sustainable and works best in the long run.

Q4: Eating Habits – Eating mostly home-made, fresh food is best. But you knew that already. Planning and preparation are key if you want to make it a consistent reality. And deleting Deliveroo!

Around 20% of people eat mainly take out and don’t cook at home often, while 60% say they eat a good amount of fresh, home cooked food each week.

Just switching 1-2 meals from take-out to home made is a good start.

Q5: Making Changes – Change is a challenge, so making 1 change at a time is recommended.

Only around 35% of people take that approach, while 50% cut carbs and fats, with the remaining 15% going from one diet to the next.

Trying to make large, often extreme changes will probably lead to binge eating later on and a return to old ways. This is known as yo-yo dieting.

Q6: Treats – Having treats is a necessary part of life, without them it would be boring. But a treat is not an everyday food or drink.

Around 25% of you have treats everyday, 35% 3-4 times a week and the remainder just 1-2 times a week.

If you’re able to cut back from every day to every other day, that’s a good start. It would reduce your treats by 50%. Add in some more exercise and you’ll be on your way to seeing changes.

Body Transformation Secrets Environment

Your family, friends, lifestyle and work colleagues have a huge influence on your life. Leveraging that will allow you to create the perfect environment for sustainable change.

Q7: Habits – If we want to see change, exercise and healthy eating has to be given high priority. Not allocating time for it will result in neglect and poor results.

Around 30% say you hit the sweet spot of 4+ exercise sessions and 6 days of good eating per week, while around 25% say they only exercise when they have time to do so.

Allocating time to exercise is really important. Treat it like a job and schedule your sessions into your diary.

Q8: Your Group – Being surrounded by people who exercise regularly and eat well makes us way more likely to do it too. We are usually a result of the 5 people we spend the most time with.

Nearly 60% of people meet at a pub to socialise and their friends don’t exercise much at all. While less than 10% belong to a sports club and have friends who exercise 4+ times a week.

If you can find a way to make socialising active, that can help a lot. Can you think of a club you’d like to join? It could be anything from zumba classes to a badminton club.

Q9: Sleep – Not getting enough can lead to overeating, bad moods and low energy levels. You probably knew that already…

Only 10% of us are getting the recommended 8 hours a night, with over 30% getting less than 6 hours.

Planning when you’ll go to bed and winding down properly before you get in is the key. Easier said than done I know…

7 Secrets Exercise

Not all exercise is created equal. To really transform your body, you have to know what to do and when to do it.

Pounding away on the treadmill is not an effective way to lose body fat. Using tried and tested methods will produce better results in less time.

Q10: Regular Exercise – We’re meant to be active, it’s what our bodies need to stay healthy and fit.

Almost 40% of us are only exercising between 1-2 hours a week, while just over 30% say they exercise more than 4 hours with an active way of getting to work.

7 Secrets Personality

We all like different things, so we need to understand what they are before starting on a programme. If you don’t like something, chances are you won’t stick with it.

Q11: Doing What You Like – It’s important that we enjoy what we choose to do so we don’t get bored and enjoy it.

Almost 20% will try whatever they can to get the fastest results, while 40% aren’t sure what they like. 40% are sure they know what they like so choose those exercises.

Secret 6 Genetics

We are all unique. Discovering if we are sensitive to carbs and fats allows us to tailor our food choices to best suit our body and enhance our results.

Q12: Carbs, Fats & You – Understanding what works for you is important if you’re going to make lasting changes that produce results.

Around 30% of people can’t control their body shape very well even when trying low carb diets. A further 55% aren’t sure but think they know what works for them and only 15% say they can control their body shape well.

Q13: Training Style – Knowing what works best for your body type will result in the best results from the least amount of effort.

35% of you stick to the same style of training all the time because it’s what you’ve always done, while almost 50% aren’t sure whether cardio or weight training is most effective.

Secret 7 Management

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. To succeed, we have to manage our exercise and food habits. Planning our workouts and adding them into our diaries, helps us stay committed.

Q14: Planning – Without a plan of what to do it’s easy to become unmotivated, skip sessions and not work as hard.

Most (40%) of you decide what to do when you get to the gym based on how you feel. 35% decide before they go or book into a class, while 25% plan out in advance with a set schedule.

Q15: Tracking Progress – If we want to improve we need to know where we’re starting from and how our lifestyle habits impact things like our weight and body fat.

Around 50% jump on the scales from week to week but not with any tracking or regularity. 35% of people avoid the scales altogether.

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