“The only source of knowledge is experience…”

Steve was an organised kind of guy. He was a programmer by day, worked alone a lot and was an introvert.

In the past he’d had some success with sticking to a plan that he bought from an online trainer. He downloaded it, printed it out and kept a record of everything he did.

He loved looking at the stats and numbers. Comparing how much he was lifting with the week before. Checking his body measurements, fat percentage and weight.

He was very analytical so this approach worked very well for him and kept him motivated to stick to it.

Play to your strengths…

Maybe you’re the same. Maybe you’re different. The key is to understand where your strengths lie and play to them. Use them to your advantage and take on a programme which plays to them.

Most plans can be adapted to your strengths, even if the fundamentals are the same. There will also be a certain amount of discomfort that you might have to go through in the beginning while you are getting used to the new regime.

It’s normal for this to feel strange and difficult. No progress comes from staying within your comfort zone…


  • What has worked for you in the past?

  • What characteristics have helped you in the past, such as being organised, consistent, etc

  • What strengths do you want to play to?

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