Online Training Terms & Conditions

I like to keep things simple.

Here are the terms and conditions when you add your details for my 30 day free trial of the online training app:

  • You get a FREE, 30 day trial with unlimited access to the app, training plans and all features within it.
  • You get unlimited messages to me and I will give you 100% free help.
  • There is NO contract or commitment to continue using the app.
  • You DO NOT have to add any payment details so I cannot charge you.
  • You decide if you’d like to subscribe after the free trial ends, at which point you add your payment details in on the app.
  • You can cancel anytime and will not be charged for the following month, but you will not be refunded for any payments already made.
  • There are no catches or hidden clauses, it’s simply a subscription service where I deliver training plans to your phone every month and you can complete them at any gym you choose.

Please consult a medical professional before starting any exercise program to ensure you are fit and healthy enough to exercise.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please contact me and I will help you.