“You cannot change what you don’t track…”

If you’re not tracking what you’re doing, it’s hard to know what is working and what isn’t. Just the act of tracking makes you become more aware of what you are eating and doing, which in itself can help massively.

The evidence…

Evidence suggests tracking metrics makes you 2x more likely to achieve your personal goals. By measuring both your start point and progress along the way you help to keep body transformation ‘front and center’ in your mind.

It also helps to sustain your motivation, as you get the ‘black and white’ proof that you are making real progress.

Top measurements to take:

  • Body photos of front, back and side views every 7 days
  • Measurements of body parts – arms, legs, chest, waist
  • body fat % readings every 7 days, including weight
  • Photos of everything you consume (at least for the first 2 weeks)

There is an app called My Fitness Pal which allows you to track your food in more detail. Showing you calories, carbs, fats and protein breakdown.

This is a great way to keep track, but can also be hard work remembering to use it and adding items in. It’s not for everyone. Another way is to take a photo of everything you eat and drink. Then you can make a daily collage and have a look at it. Here is what that might look like:

Matt's Nutrition

The questions to ask when looking at your food and drink are:

  • How much processed, pre-cooked, packaged food is in there? (ready meals, shop bought meats)
  • How much of it is fresh, whole food that doesn’t need an ingredients list? (fruit, veg, meat)
  • Am I drinking a lot of calories (funny coffees, fizzy drinks, etc)

The next step

Armed with this information, you should be able to highlight a few areas which are questionable and that might be holding you back. Pick one of them and come up with a solution to how you could improve it.


  • Take the above measurements and photos weekly

  • Start tracking your food and drink

  • Ask a friend or qualified expert to help you with identifying problem areas

  • Work through one change to your diet each week

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