“Because no one gets it right first time…”

This is closely related to “There is no end“. The process of getting in shape doesn’t really ever stop. There might be periods when you are just maintaining, and then push on again, but stopping would mean going backwards.

It’s not all about the look

Not all changes are for appearance. We also want to make changes to make our lives easier, less stressful and more enjoyable. To make sure we are getting all the required nutrients our body needs from a healthy, balanced diet. This takes time.

I don’t have time…

You have time. I assume you’re planning on living for quite a few years to come so it’s up to you if you want to use those years to improve yourself, your lifestyle and the lifestyles of those around you or not.

A small but consistent effort adds up to a lot over the years. It’s also where most people fail.

They will take on a programme or diet and then believe that when the 12 weeks is up that’s it. They’re done and set for life. It doesn’t work that way unfortunately.

Evolutionary process

As your body changes, your mindset and goals will probably change too. How you feel about exercise, food, your likes and dislikes will change over the months and years. You can adapt everything to suit you.


  • How do you feel about making lasting, sustainable changes to your lifestyle?

  • Are you prepared to stick at it for a longer time rather than going for the quick fix?

  • Are you in a progression,¬†maintenance or backwards phase at the moment?

  • Decide on one action to take today to start you back on track. It can be the smallest thing, but something that is immediately achievable.

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