“A coach will bring about better results, faster…”

Train Safely

Although this is obvious, there are still a surprisingly high number of transformers who try to go too fast when it comes to new training plans/ exercises… either performing them incorrectly or not being properly warmed up.

In the Marines they have a saying “Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast“… the same principle applies here.

Early body transformation momentum is precious – don’t risk it! On a practical note, this means build in time for warm up and stretches. And when doing new exercises enlist the help of someone experienced, whether it is a Personal Trainer or a regular gym goer

Alternate Activities

It is remarkable how quickly the body can adapt to a given set of exercises, making it under-challenged during training, and not breaking down fats or rebuilding muscles as quickly as it could. Shifting your plan every 4-6 weeks will help to address this, and also make life a little bit more exciting along the way.

For those wanting to accelerate their body transformation, it is possible to do DNA profiling to understand how your unique genetic make-up responds to different exercise types, e.g. are you better doing cardio or power exercises?, and to then tweak what you training plan accordingly.

Push Yourself

Hand in hand with the above point you also need to keep pushing yourself in each session if you want to see maximum gains. As mentioned earlier your body adapts very quickly to the demands placed on it as you go through a body transformation programme, and unless you continue to push you will plateau.

No pain, no gain (although you don’t need a Rocky montage)


  • Are you confident knowing your technique is safe?

  • How often do you vary your workouts?

  • Have you had an expert show you some exercises to use?

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