Best Places to Eat, Train and Relax in Canary Wharf

If you live or work in Canary Wharf you’re probably wondering where the best places to train, eat and relax are.

That’s what I wondered too…So I created a map for it:

I’ve added what I consider to be the cleanest, healthiest places to eat. The most rewarding places to workout and some alternative exercise classes to try.

Think I’ve missed something? Or want to add your favourite food shop which is clean and healthy?

Drop me a message to let me know.

Places to Eat and Exercise in Canary Wharf

Best Gyms in Canary Wharf

Every person will have their own definition of the best in this sense. For some it will be whatever is the cheapest, while others may base it on facilities.

I’ve listed on the map a range of different styles of gyms, from Pure Gym which is a budget friendly and no frills gym to Third Space which is a high-end, expensive and luxurious health-club.

I’ve also included my own personal training studio, where I offer 1-to-1 training sessions.

Best Places to Eat in Canary Wharf

I try to stick with a clean eating approach, which I define as food that is minimally processed.

That generally means you know exactly what’s inside the food you are eating. Sandwiches usually use bread which has questionable ingredients.

Salads are my go-to food because the ingredients are fresh and whole. You can easily see and know what’s in them.

The places on the map are selected with that criteria in mind.