Want to improve your triathlon performance?

DNA Profiling

You know from experience that every session counts when training for 3 sports.

But are you maximising each training session?

And is your diet meeting your unique nutritional needs?

Using DNA profiling it’s possible to match workouts and nutrition to your unique genetic make-up.

Achieve peak performance with DNA analysis

DNA analysis provides detailed genetic insights

This information will help you make improved training and nutritional choices for your genetics and goals.

You will discover the most efficient way to spend your training sessions and what kind of diet to follow.

No more trial and error…you’ll have everything you need to maximise your athletic potential.


There are 3 stages

Don’t worry, there are no tricky transitions…!


  • We send you a DNA Fit saliva swab collection kit in the post
  • It’s simple to do at home and taken from your mouth in 1 minute
  • You send it (free) to the lab for processing


  • You receive your results and detailed diet and fitness reports (see below)
  • You get a 60 minute consultation (in person or over Skype) with a DNA Fit certified trainer and triathlete
  • Also included is a 3 month meal plan designed for your genetic make-up


  • We discuss the report findings and how they can be implemented
  • You choose which changes are most important to make based on your goals
  • Ongoing training plans and support is also available should you want it


These are my personal DNA reports

I know…I got lucky in the carbs and fat sensitivity gene pool!

#1 Fitness Report


Highlights include…

  • Power/endurance profile – Understand how best to train for your body
  • Aerobic potential (VO2 Max) – A commonly used marker for endurance potential
  • Post-Exercise Recovery – How quickly your body can recover and what nutrients it needs to recover well
  • Injury Risk – Find out if you are genetically at a higher risk of injury

#2 Diet Report


Highlights include…

  • Optimal Diet Type – Which style of diet suits your genetics best, such as low carb, low fat or Mediterranean
  • Carb & Fat Sensitivity – How much energy you absorb from carbs and fat that you eat
  • Anti-oxidant Requirements – Do you have an increased need for vitamins, omega 3 and vegetables
  • Salt, Alcohol and Caffeine Sensitivity – Whether you need to reduce your consumption for optimal health
  • Personal Vitamin & Micronutrient Need – Does your body genetically require more of certain micronutrients

#3 Meal Plans


  • You will receive a full 3 month meal plan catering for your unique genetic make-up
  • Easy to follow, simple recipes to make the meals
  • Shopping list of all ingredients need to make the meals

#4 Consultation

  • You will receive a 60 minute, in-depth consultation with a triathlete and exercise and nutrition expert
  • Recommendations on how to implement the information in the reports
  • This will be based around your goals as a triathlete


I’m DNA Fit certified and I use DNA Fit for the testing.

They are a highly reputable company specialising in DNA testing.

Only genes that have had at least 3 peer reviewed studies are used in the reports.


My name is Rob Jackson, from Minimal FIT.

I’m a qualified personal trainer, certified England boxing coach, DNA Fit certified trainer and precision nutrition specialist.

I am also a triathlete like you, having completed distances from sprint to Ironman.


This all-inclusive, DNA profiling package is £249 £240

Included is a FREE 60 minute (£70 value) 1-to-1 consultation to go through your results.

This is really valuable if you want to leverage your results.

Note: If you are referencing the DNA Fit website, it’s their “Fitness Diet Pro” package (RRP £249 but excludes the 60 min consultation.)

The FREE 60 min consultation is only available to the next 8 people. I can’t give it to everyone, unfortunately.

If you’d like an in-depth explanation of your results, you will need to act fast.


If you think DNA profiling might be for you, add your details below and we can discuss it. Genuinely no pressure to buy.

If you’re still unsure of what you get, read this post for more information.

Alternatively, drop me a message on Facebook or email – rob@minimalfit.co.uk.

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