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Muay Thai Training in Thailand

Minimal Time, Maximum Fitness

I believe fitness is about more than having big biceps. It’s about feeling strong, confident and in control of your mind and body.

Knowing that you can achieve goals and overcome obstacles. That you can succeed in life.

With that inner and outer strength, you will build better relationships and feel better within yourself.

  • Mind – You must accept your current situation and take responsibility for it before you can progress. Denying you are responsible results in a feeling of helplessness and loss of control.

  • Body – Physical exercise is incredibly important for all of us, young or old. We are just animals who evolved in nature, not sitting at a desk.

  • Spirit – The unexplained pleasure we get from watching the glowing stars or a burning log fire. That feeling deep within that cannot be measured or photographed. We all have it, that’s our spirit. Nurturing it will deepen our sense of belonging in the World.

  • Balance – We all need to have a life…And we can’t be strict and live like monks all the time. We have friends, families and social lives. I believe fitness includes these things, not excludes them. Who wants to live without a few beers over a BBQ with their mates?


  • Set goals
  • Train hard
  • Work Smart
  • Explore
  • Challenge yourself
  • Travel
  • Push your limits
  • Persevere
  • Believe in yourself
  • Be your best self
  • Appreciate achievements
  • Anything is possible

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