The 7 Secrets to Sustainable

Body Transformations

Sustainable Body Transformation Secrets

Over 80% of body transformations fail

Here’s why and a proven solution



Some say getting lean is 80% diet, 20% training, but that’s only 2 of the 7 secrets…

Focusing only on diet and exercise is like trying to solve a puzzle without all the pieces…

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A new approach

The 7 secrets uses behavioural science, business management, genetics and psychology to make body transformations that last.

Want proof…?

I’ll show you how Matt lost 7% (6.8kg) of fat in 7 weeks using this powerful new approach to kick start his transformation.

The missing pieces…

So, what are these 7 secrets…? Scroll down to find out and see Matt’s progress so far.

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The 7 Secrets Overview

7 Secrets Mindset

Understanding your motivations, goals, self-talk and developing high levels of self-awareness are a few of the 9 critical mindset areas to work on.

Your mindset is the biggest area for development in body transformations. Mind over matter…

7 Secrets to Sustainable Body Transformations Diet

Extreme dieting is not healthy. A simple approach is sustainable and works best in the long run.

Clean eating is a minefield, but it’s possible to get back on track one step at a time. And you CAN have an occasional treat!

Body Transformation Secrets Environment

Your family, friends and work colleagues play a huge part in your life. Understanding their influence will allow you to create the perfect environment for sustainable change.

7 Secrets Exercise

Not all exercise is created equal. To really transform your body, you have to know what to do and when to do it. Pounding away on the treadmill is not an effective way to lose body fat. Using tried and tested methods will produce better results in less time.

7 Secrets Personality

We all like different things, so we need to understand what they are before starting on a programme. If you don’t like something, chances are you won’t stick with it.

Secret 6 Genetics

We are all unique. Discovering if we are sensitive to carbs and fats allows us to tailor our food choices to best suit our body and enhance our results.

Secret 7 Management

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. To succeed, we have to manage our exercise and food habits. Planning our workouts and adding them into our diaries, helps us stay committed.

The Devil is in the Detail…

You can click through on each of the “7 secrets” above to delve into the detail.

Knowledge is one thing, doing is another…

Are you ready, willing and able to put that knowledge into action…?

 Where to start

To get the best results, you must focus your efforts wisely.

Take the FREE 7 secrets test to hack your way to body transformation success.

Body Transformation Test

Remember Matt…?

Well, here he is just 7 weeks into his transformation. He’s nailing it and there’s plenty more to come.

Click below to reveal how he trained and what he ate.

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Prefer more info first?

The first of the 7 secrets is “Mindset“. Click to discover mind hacks for a sustainable body transformation.